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Let us save you the time and the headache of installing your hardware or software.
Why not get virus protection before your computer is infected.  Virus installation or removal.
Routine maintenance will keep your computer faster.
Let me build your dream workstation or gaming system to your specifications.
If you have already lost your data, I can troubleshoot to attempt restora- ation.  Backup before you lose your valuable data. See our connection to Mozy on our Home Page.
Setting up an office either at work or at home?  Let me design a funtional room that works for you.
Looking for someone to set up your next  audio  / visual conference.  Let us help.
Whatever your computer needs we have over 32 years diverse IT experience. In addition we have a host of networking resources.
To control high "as needed" costs, inquire about our service contracts.

We take pride in providing on time professional customer service.  We believe it making every attempt to make it right the first time.  We endeavor to minimize return visits. 
Office Moves
Office moves?  No problem...  We can provide tear down and reinstalla-
tion services for all your computer hardware.